ScreenFlow 8.0

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Major upgrade of screencast recording and video editing app with new Templates and Styles features, plus access to an integrated Stock Media Library. ($129 new, upgrade pricing available, 110 MB)

Just curious whether you have ever done a comparison with OBS. I didn’t see a review of it here on TidBITS, but after reading recently that ScreenFlow is the “gold-standard” on the Mac, I wondered. I’ve been using OBS for about a week, and so far, I’m very impressed – especially since it is free.

No, we’ve never looked at it (or, frankly, heard of it before). We’ll have to give it a try.

To me, OBS is more comparable to one of Telestream’s other products, Wirecast. OBS is more about producing live streaming video with a mix of camera and screen than recording and editing.

Yes, OBS isn’t an editor. But neither is it simply a streaming tool, though it seems that most people use it for that. What impresses me about it – given my limited use-case and testing – is that it doesn’t appear to affect performance of my system at all. Also, it saves into an FLV but remuxes to MP4 super fast – perhaps 30-45 seconds for 45-60 minutes of captured video. Nothing at all like the long waits I have been used to with other tools.