Screen Sharing Slooooow to Startup

Since Monterey, screen sharing to another Mac on my local network has begun taking 20-30 seconds to setup a session. Previously it took no more than 5 seconds. After setup, speeds are normal. Anyone else seeing or not seeing anything similar?

My answer is “yes, but…”:

  1. I can’t positively link it to Monterey–possible, I just have no evidence.
  2. It’s inconsistent, and I can’t identify the variable. Sometimes it connects quickly (2-3 seconds). Other times, as in your experience, 20-30 seconds.

I’m having similar issues (much worse, actually) connecting a Monterey MBAir to a Mac mini on my network for file sharing. Attempts to connect through a Finder window rarely succeed. They usually fail after 30 seconds with a Connection Failed message, but sometimes take as long as 4+ minutes to time-out.

How are you initiating the screen sharing session? With the Share Screen button in a Finder window? Try launching the Screen Sharing application, and then enter the IP address of the destination Mac. I’ve had better luck doing file sharing using Finder/Go/Connect to Server (and entering the IP address) than via a Finder window.

I think it’s a Monterey problem. I encounter problems with file sharing on both Monterey MacBooks in our household, but not with a 2015-vintage MacBook Air still running Mojave. Hours on the phone with Apple support have been fruitless.