Screen share screen size

I have the Mini all setup but when screen sharing, it will not fill my 24" external monitor. I have nearly 4" of black border on each side and 1.5" top and bottom.

I share with my iMac but I think because that one has a 24" screen, it’s pretty close.

Is there a way to get a bit more screen space? I found a very old article on how to set displays but that option doesn’t exist anymore (that I found)

When it’s plugged into the external monitor directly, it works fine.

MBPr 2015 running Sierra
Mac Mini 2014 Running Catalina

Sharing to the Mini from the MBP


I use SwithResX on my mini that I screen share into to make the screen bigger. Some of it depends on the graphics chip but worth a try

I’ll give it a shot! I wonder if it’s picking up the MBP size instead on the external.


It worked! Great little app - thank you!!