Screen contrast problems

Sudden problem - print on screen very washed out (including in System Settings - buttons invisible until clicked on), but all pictures (including Wallpaper) very dark and contrasty. Hardware (screen) or system problem?

Check nothing odd selected in System Settings > Accessibility > Display

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Simon highlighted the most likely cause. I would suggest making sure ALL of those options are UN-checked and Display contrast is “Normal”. (Shake mouse cursor is fine to leave on.) If this is already the case, then try a full “toggle cycle” to clear any bad settings (ie. “false” positive or negative):

  1. check all options ON
  2. close Sys.Settings/Prefs
  3. re-open Sys.Settings/Prefs
  4. un-check all options off
  5. close Sys.Settings/Prefs

This process can often correct a false positive or false negative setting. For example, if the interface presents an option as “off” but the system is actually behaving as if the setting is “on”.

Worst case scenario, do the toggle cycle above, but insert a full macOS restart before #4.

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Many thanks, Simon and MacGuyver - and apologies for the delay in getting back. It worked - everything is back to normal.

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