Saw the iPhone 13 Pro today and was taken aback by the flat edges

I went to Akihabara today and I saw the iPhone 13 pro.

It seems quite nice. Of course it’s quite expensive, so I’m thinking about it. Apple Japan offers 24 monthly payments with 0% interest, so there doesn’t seem to be an advantage in paying for it upfront. Except for the fact course that I would use gift cards.

The camera is really quite nice. Also the screen is a bit larger than the iPhone X screen. So is the body. It’s the most noticeable side-by-side, but it’s definitely larger. The screen is also nicer and brighter.

One downside is that it weighs 30 g more than the iPhone X.

I also looked at the iPhone 13 pro max, which is just a little more expensive. I was amazed that it actually fits in my shirt pocket, but it is considerably larger and heavier.

At night, when I’m laying in bed like I am now, I tend to hold the iPhone just in my left hand near my head. So the size and weight is a consideration.

One thing I didn’t really care for was Apple’s decision to return to flat edges. Apparently it’s a thing and forums are filled with people for and against that. Most people seem to like it. I don’t.

I’m surprised that design has so many fans.

To be honest, I couldn’t stop thinking about it coming back from Akihabara, and found it depressing and maybe thinking of holding on to my X because of that.

But I suppose you can get cases with rounded edges, right?

Or I may just be practical and continue using my iPhone X.

I’m still holding onto my 1st Generation iPhone SE, it does what I need and I’ll keep using it for as long as it’ll run. If the iPhone X is still working well for you, why upgrade?

Doug, when the rounded design came out, I’m pretty sure there were cases that made everything flat, so I’m sure the reverse is true. :slight_smile:

There seem to be good upgrade deals so it may be worth looking into. However, I’d dropped an iPad on my nose while reading in bed, so I get your hesitation on the extra weight :wink: (the only thing that saved me is that I am very nearsighted so it wasn’t far from my nose to begin with haha!)


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Mainly because I’m really into taking pictures and the camera is a big improvement.

I don’t think there are really any good upgrade deals. I think they are all sort of deceptive. For example, the deals with US carriers require that you lock yourself into a very highly and data plan. So you’re paying for it on that end.

I love the flat edges. The rounded edges felt hard to grasp. The flat edges feel clean and precise.

They do require an unlimited plan, but we already had one. And they seem to require some sort of contract, but Verizon is one of the best carriers in our area so that doesn’t matter much either.


Well, I can see that argument going back-and-forth in forums dating back a couple of years now. So people have different feelings about it. To me it looks like a smart phone from the 1950s. :slight_smile:

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Anyway, unfortunately we have no such bargains here in Japan. In fact the government tries to dissuade carriers from subsidizing cell phones because it means that everybody who is not upgrading their phones are basically subsidizing everybody who is upgrading. They’re trying to encourage lower cost carrier plans instead.

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I use very little data and so have no use for any deal (including Apple’s upgrade plan) linked to a contract plan (my current plan costs $18/mo). But I’ve been “renting” a 128Gb iPhone 12 Mini for six months using my Apple Card, and find that since they’ve lowered the price of storage this year my monthly payment for an iPhone 13 Mini with the same spec will actually go down a couple of bucks. That makes an upgrade, and especially an upgrade with a $400 trade-in (and barring an extra six month of payments at the other end), look pretty attractive.

This “deal” may be a one-off for the 2020-2021 model years, but it’s interesting.

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There is a “contract” but there’s no early termination penalty - or more to the point, it’s implicit. If you finance the phone, you need to pay the balance when you terminate the contract. And your trade-in discount is pro-rated over 24 months, so you lose it if you cancel before that much time has elapsed.

But there is no crippling service fee for switching, the way there used to be back when they had “free phone with 2 year contract” deals.

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This is the first time I’ve dealt with a trade in and the payment plan. I had planned on making some extra payments along the way but I can’t.

I now have a new iPhone 13 Pro and I am still waiting on its cover to arrive. Without a cover, I’ve found the phone to be quite slippery and so have set it aside until the cover arrives. Maybe I am simply used to having a cover on an iPhone.

I had an iPhone 6 with the curved edges and hated holding it for almost any length of time. Must be the way I hold a phone, I guess. A TPU case didn’t ease the rounding error. When that phone met its great reward, I bought the first-generation SE and was happy with the flat edges. In having to replace the SE, I dithered between the second-generation SE (all the phone I need, really) and the 13 mini (beautiful but around twice the price for features that aren’t that important to me).

I went with the SE and ordered a case that flattens the edges. The case is not here yet but, in the meantime, I’m painfully aware of how slippery this phone feels. In fact, it will not rest on the rounded edge of the couch arm without slipping off of its own volition Right now I don’t even want to use it for fear of dropping a week-old phone sans case. Team Flat-edge forever, I guess.


Later I noticed my 2021 iPad Pro has flat edges and it looks nice. So, never mind. :slight_smile: