Safari wipes out saved tokens (banks etc)

(Diane D) #1

I’m not sure if that’s what to call it, but every so often I have to have security codes sent back to me to log into sites with saved username/pw. It says it doesn’t recognize my device. It’s been happening to me all week and I don’t think I’ve done any updates since Dec 31 when I was last in these accounts.

What’s happening and how can I eliminate it? Some of these accounts are set to client phone numbers so it’s a pain to keep requesting a code.


(Steve Davidson) #2

It sounds like the new way Safari handles cookies (to thwart tracking) is working against you. One of the things it does is removes first-party cookies that haven’t been accessed in a month (links):

One way you can address this is to re-visit the sites more often than once a month (to keep them fresh). Another way may be to change the per-site handling of cookies (link).

Good luck!

(Diane D) #3

Thanks! That makes sense, many of these are banks I log into roughly once a month to do reconciliations.

Is there another browser that would work better for something like this? I think Randy may have posted a few recently?


(Will M) #4

I use Firefox and I do not have the problem you describe (when I’m at home). But I would expect that Safari would work well for you if you tweaked the cookie settings.

When I travel (with a laptop), I have a similar problem with one bank. Apparently it detects a changed IP address and wants to verify the computer. This is a nuisance similar to what you described (and annoying because I would think the bank would like me to check my account), but I doubt if it’s the same issue.

Good luck and please report what changes, if any, solve your problem.