Safari complete failure

“upgraded” iMac Pro to Monterey 12.6 last night. Now as soon as I launch Safari, I get the spinning pizza of death before any window opens. I’ve removed all the safari-related items in ~/Library/Preferences but it makes no difference. Nothing else seems to be affected; Chrome works fine.

Any ideas gratefully received! It’s rather a nuisance.

Jeremy: Spinning pizza! Isn’t that how they are made in Italy? :) Sorry.
Uh, first thing I’d do is shut down, reboot w ‘shift’ long press and boot into Safe Mode to have unit clean caches and such.
Once it has started all the way, sign in, let it sit for a minute or two, shut down, then restart into usual mode.
Also, I would consider it is trying to load an Extension possibly so look at your Extensions for Safari and see if you installed any recently and consider disabling them and see if that helps.
After that, viewing the Activity Monitor might show you what is ‘hanging’ or stalling Safari. A
Also, restarting in Verbose Mode while holding down Command V will show you the machine starts all the way up or is hung.
Consider EtrecheckPro as well.
Best, Patrick

Patrick, thanks. I tried all those things, then spoke to a charming girl in Albania who, after discussing various alternatives, suggested I reinstall the system software from the recovery partition. I did that, and the problem has gone away. I remain a little disconcerted, but for now, I’m as close to a happy bunny as I ever am.

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Wonderful, and great idea. I was going to mention that but was hoping it wouldn’t take that drastic a measure. Good Fallback, at all times. Best, Patrick

Is this becoming the new “reinstall the latest combo-updater”?

Has been for a while now. Instead of doing a time-consuming fault finding, just start recovery. In many cases, it solves the problem. And while it runs, you can do something else.

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