Safari blocking bank's bill pay service

I recently upgraded to Catalina 10.15.2 with Safari 13.0.4. Now my bank’s bill pay screen is being blocked w message that I need to allow cookies to access that service. But in Safari Prefs/ Privacy, “block all cookies” and “prevent cross tracking” are unchecked, but to no avail. Apple’s user forum has some discussion on this, but view seems to be not much can be done until Apple deems it important enough to fix at some point. Currently I’m using Firefox to access the bank’s bill pay service. Any thoughts on fixes or workarounds? Thanks.

Here’s one more thing to try. Tap the ‘Settings for this Website …’ option in the Safari menu dropdown (right below ‘Preferences…’). You may have ‘Enable Content Blockers’ checked. Uncheck it and see if the website now works.


Great suggestion - missed this feature, but regrettably, still getting error message

Test on other browsers. See if you encounter same issues. Also,
according to articles that I have read, I see that I have more protection with Firefox, I have been using it. Chrome is the worst for privacy.
The one thing I see with Firefox is that I cannot access my AT&T info site. I kept getting errors with passwords when I know that pw are correct.
I don’t use Safari as much.

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Thanks Tori - Firefox does work to access bill pay; although it seems to have its own glitches like you describe - errors with passwords I know are current. But the Safari access to bank bill pay site didn’t exist with the prior macOS/Safari; this problem started immediately after I installed Catalina 10.15.2. Looking at Apple’s community pages, it looks like this has happened with other OS updates. Any sense how to get this on Apple’s fix-it list?