Safari and Mail Issues

I can’t be the only one…

I’ve been experiencing websites that Safari will not open. Apparently if the program once encounters a problem, it will henceforth refuse to open the site unless you delete the cookies, flush the cache, stand on your head, recite a mantra. OK. I’m exaggerating, but when I try Chrome, it opens them perfectly. So far I’ve experienced this with Citibank, Magnacare and AARP (yes, I’m old :frowning: ). I’d consider changing over to Chrome, full time, but I’m not sure of the headaches (if any) of transitioning - and if I’ll have similar problems with Chrome on different sites. [I’m running Safari 12.1.2 on a 13 inch MacBook Air 2018, Mojave 10.14.6]

Anyone have any experience with this?

As far as Mail goes, sometimes it just seems flakey. Nothing as overt as Safari, but it often doesn’t show any content in the (right side of the screen) preview window when I can see some content in the left side of the screen. Double clicking on the mail in the left side opens the item to full screen and then I can see everything. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s annoying. And it’s happening more and more regularly. [Mail 12.4]

Is anyone else seeing this and are there any alternative mail servers that it might make sense to transition to?


Sam Silverman

Knock, Knock. Anyone home?

No one has any ideas?

Try force reloading the pages that fail with option-reload (ignores any cached version). It doesn’t always work, but it’s easy when it does.

I’ve been having Safari and mail issues for several weeks. Mail freezes and you can’t select anything or do anything. Doesn’t show as “mail not responding.”

I just force quit mail. But its a pain and shouldn’t be necessary. Don’t have the problem when using another browser.



Thanks, I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work.

Much appreciated.

Does that still work these days?

Simon wrote: “Does that still work these days?”

Yep. At least as of Catalina, though it doesn’t seem to be available in the url box anymore. But option-View still shows Reload Page From Origin.

@silvermn, it sounds like you’ve done quite a bit.

I might try running First Aid in Disk Utility, as well as another utility like Onxy (, Cocktail ( or Clean My Mac ( against your computer, and see what they find. Onxy is free, but Cocktail & Clean My Mac have a cost.

You’re absolutely right. Thanks. Good to know. :slight_smile:

So (some of my) original questions:

  • Will I have much grief if i transition to Chrome as my main Browser?
  • Does anyone have an e-Mail client they like better than Mail and what’s transition like?



I’m sure you will quickly adapt to the UI differences, but you will be subject to increased monitoring by Google and may find the added amount of RAM and CPU impact grief causing. There are many arguably better choices than Chrome.

I haven’t found any since Eudora. Have tried Outlook and Thunderbird, but didn’t like either. Perhaps others have found something worthwhile.

Thanks, Al.


As @alvarnell says, Chrome will impact your battery life as well as the privacy issues. I’ve not seen the behaviour you experience in Safari – do you have any extensions installed? That could have an impact.

As for Mail, I’ve found it pretty solid over many years now (also having moved from Eudora). You don’t say what OS version and Mac you’re using, that might provide some insight for others to help. But it generally sounds like there’s something that has built up on your system (corrupted cache or preference files?).

Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed the notification…

No extensions in Safari. 13 inch MacBook Air 2018, Mojave 10.14.6. Really too new to have built up much in the way of corruption.

I guess I’m going to just live with what I have. Using Chrome for the couple of websites I need is pretty minor and the Mail issues are not deal breakers.

I’ll live.

Thanks to all for their support and help.


Sam, a few years ago, when Flash was still a thing, Kirk McElhearn wrote an article on how to quickly open a page that you’re viewing in Safari, in Chrome. This might come in handy for the — hopefully few :slight_smile: — times that you’ll need to open a site in Chrome, because it’s not working properly in Safari.

Jochen -

Thanks! I’ll give it a look.