Safari 14

I upgraded to Safari 14 last week and it kept crashing; system itself was also slowing down with beach balls spinning. Looked at the Crash Reports in the Console and saw that was crashing regularly. Did a Google search and found an Apple discussions thread from 2016 (!) that explained how to fix a similar sounding problem. Tried it - and it cleared everything up.

Ran Malwarebytes…did nothing.
tried the command…
All I got was a bunch of denied msg.
Where is the folder?

Still runs like crap…


Did I just miss it in the release notes or did Safari 14 introduce a new pulldown menu to specify find criteria (contains vs. begins with)?


I don’t think so. I’m still using Safari 13.0.4 on 10.13.6 and I have a pulldown menu to the left of the Find field with “contains” and “starts with” options.

Thanks, @ashley. I must have just missed it in that case. Looked new to me at the time.

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FWIW I’m running Safari 14 in Catalina on a new-ish Mac Mini with no problems at all, including exporting PDFs