Safari 14

I upgraded to Safari 14 last week and it kept crashing; system itself was also slowing down with beach balls spinning. Looked at the Crash Reports in the Console and saw that was crashing regularly. Did a Google search and found an Apple discussions thread from 2016 (!) that explained how to fix a similar sounding problem. Tried it - and it cleared everything up.

Ran Malwarebytes…did nothing.
tried the command…
All I got was a bunch of denied msg.
Where is the folder?

Still runs like crap…


Did I just miss it in the release notes or did Safari 14 introduce a new pulldown menu to specify find criteria (contains vs. begins with)?


I don’t think so. I’m still using Safari 13.0.4 on 10.13.6 and I have a pulldown menu to the left of the Find field with “contains” and “starts with” options.

Thanks, @ashley. I must have just missed it in that case. Looked new to me at the time.

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FWIW I’m running Safari 14 in Catalina on a new-ish Mac Mini with no problems at all, including exporting PDFs

Delayed question: Ever since installing Safari 14, lots of strange items have been showing up in the website privacy preferences that never used to show up before. They’re just URLs, with no indication of what they are (cache, cookies, etc.) Not that I’m really concerned, but they sure make for a lot more items to clear out occasionally.

Any idea where they come from?