Safari 11.1

(Agen Schmitz) #1

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Resolves multiple memory corruption issues and patches an address bar spoofing vulnerability. (Free)

(Curtis Wilcox) #2

Every Safari release also includes additions and changes mainly of interest to web developers, particularly adding support for web standards. Of course such improvements eventually benefit the people browsing the web with Safari. The Safari 11.1 release notes for developers reviews these changes. Added support for “Service Workers” and some other changes are important for supporting Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), an umbrella term that involves a number of technologies that allow a web application to be more equivalent to a native application.

A curious change is the <img> tag in Safari now supports the use of video files. There aren’t a lot of details but the basic idea is to replace very inefficient animated GIF files with video files. To that end, there are some peculiarities to the use of video files in the img element; they will not play an audio track, they auto-play, and they loop. I don’t know if auto-play or looping can be disabled or if player controls can be enabled as are the norm for videos in the <video> element.

(Hylke Tromp) #3

I don’t use Safari in full screen mode. I have a personal fav window size for some reasons.
Since updating, I noticed that window size gets enlarged every time I open a new Safari window. Quite irritating.

macOS 10.13.4 High Sierra Adds Business Chat and External GPU Support
(Adam Engst) #4

I swear I’ve seen other reports of this too, but I can’t find them right now. Are Safari users seeing this?

(Simon) #5

I see the same issue. Never had this problem before with Safari. It always remembered my window size just fine (unlike Finder ). But after this latest update to 10.13.4 Safari keeps wanting to increase from my preferred window size. It’s a bit annoying. I’m starting to suspect there’s some conspiracy at Apple against preserving window settings. :laughing:

(@lbutlr) #6

Have you tried the Finder trick?

  1. Open Safari
  2. Close all windows
  3. Open a window
  4. Size the window where you want it
  5. without doing anything else, close the window

That should ‘save’ the window size and position as the default.

But I use Safari almost exclusively in FSM (split FSM with Mail).

(Simon) #7

I tried that and at least for me that unfortunately isn’t doing the trick (anymore).

(Apta) #8

It might be a coincidence but ever since the time I updated to Safari 11.1 (in El Capitan) and applied Security Update 2018-002, the Data Detectors in Mail messages for URLs stopped working. When I click on the downarrow a generic popup for Safari appears as shown in this example:


Other than the failure with URLs, the DD work for addresses, phone numbers, events, etc.

Console pops up errors such as this:

Apr 10 14:12:27 MacBook-Pro QuickLookUIHelper[14229]: -[NSKeyedArchiver initRequiringSecureCoding:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fb552c19790

Apr 10 14:12:27 MacBook-Pro QuickLookUIHelper[14229]: [QL] Exception raised while try to get preview for preview item: -[NSKeyedArchiver initRequiringSecureCoding:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fb552c19790

I don’t know what this exception is all about. Any ideas?

(Jolin Warren) #9

I don’t have any ideas, but this is also happening to me on 10.12.6, without Security Update 2018-002 (I’ve not installed it yet). I guess the ‘good’ news is that maybe the issue which I complained about and attributed to SendGrid/email tracking, is in fact a bug unrelated to the new link format in TidBITS emails:

So hopefully Apple will fix this bug, and previews from TidBITS emails will start working again, even with the new SendGrid links.

(@lbutlr) #10

I think you will find this is unique to TidBits mails and that data detector for URLs in other email work fine. That is, it’s a Tidbits issue, not a mac issue.

(Apta) #11

I should have mentioned that the issue applies to all Mail messages, not just TidBITS messages.

(Adam Engst) #12

Thanks. Much as the link tracking we did for the first two issues has its problems, it doesn’t seem to break the macOS Lookup feature, as you can see below. (Which it shouldn’t; the URLs are legit, just ugly.)

(Apta) #13

Looks like the issue is not due to the updated Safari. I changed the default browser to Chrome and the same behavior still occurs for me in 10.11.6.


(ash002) #14

I upgraded to Safari 11.1 and every time I check my email I get a message that “Messages expire from Deleted folder after 30 days”. I pressed the box for Do not show again but every time I exit Safari and go back into my email the message re-appears. I am using to access my email

(Adam Engst) #15

@ash002 This sounds like a setting somewhere in your webmail app, so perhaps look around in there. It’s possible that Safari isn’t handling the webmail app’s dialog properly such that your response isn’t being recorded. You might also try loading your webmail in another browser like Chrome or Firefox and seeing if the dialog appears, and if saying “Do not show again” is recorded in one of those browsers.

(Apta) #16


The issue was resolved by reinstalling macOS 10.11.6. I think the problem arose when I was installing the Safari 11.1 and Security updates. The Safari update download began and I then tried to update the other a few moments later. After a restart only one of them had been successfully updated. Perhaps this screwed up something in the update processes.

At any rate, I’m very happy to once again be able to view URL previews!