Ric Ford posts his "lessons from bad Apple experience"

Among those that like Apple products I see two main camps. Those that are mainly interested in getting the best product and those that are interested in seeing revenue/gains maxed. And lately, those two have often stood in direct conflict.

Frankly, if Apple is doing great biz wise (like charging vulgar amounts for necessary mem/disk upgrades), but their product isn’t attractive (eg. TV+), they’ve lost me. There’s plenty of other good investments I can get into, but there’s no other great computing platform I’d prefer to switch my work (let alone private life) to. I’d like to think it’s possible to be a Mac fan without having to become an Apple cultist. Apple can and does do wrong. IMHO the people who dare point that out when it happens are more beneficial to Apple and its betterment than the fanbois who just keep on cheering no matter the circumstances.

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I think anyone who uses the spelling “fanboi” loses all credibility.+

+but really here we go again. What earthly value is there in an APPLE GOOD APPLE BAD discussion? Other than in raising @ace blood pressure, which is probably too low, distance runner that he is **

**fanboi? :man_facepalming:

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My brother-in-law popped in today.

He said his 2022 16" MBP is currently at Apple having a motherboard replacement. The machine wouldn’t charge properly. The magsafe connector wouldn’t locate fully and was unreliable and sporadic.

He booked into the Genius Bar where they took it away and “tried to connect power directly to the board” and reported that this was also unreliable. They’re not sure what the issue is, just that is doesn’t work so will need a new board.

He has no idea how long it will take to be returned but it is being done under warranty.

Ironically, his wife has just bought a new MBA. Her previous machine (2017) had been sent in for its 3rd monitor replacement. It had also had 2 motherboards and a battery fail. They said if it was a newer machine they would have offered a replacement because of the poor history and they offered her the repair price off a new machine (and she kept the old machine). She’s going to use it as a spare with an external monitor and keyboard.

I can remember when Apple products were considered ‘premium’ and their quality control was great. Touch wood, my M1 MBP has been great.

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It opens as a blank page on my iPhone in Safar, Firefox and Edge. Haven’t figured out how to fix it so can’t access his site for now.

All browsers on the iPhone use Apple’s WebKit, so it’s no wonder they have the same issue. I was able to open Ric’s website by tapping the ‘aA’ symbol to the left of the URL and selecting 'Show IP Address", which effectively overrides the anonymity portion of iCloud Private Relay.

Could not find option even to show IP address. I have emailed Ric and he is looking into it

Yeah, let’s stop all this back-and-forth about what Apple wants and what the company should do. With Apple’s volume of sales and employee headcount, there will be problems, and some of those problems will be handled badly. Hopefully, those are a tiny proportion of the whole.

In fact, you’re absolutely correct about my blood pressure (and heart rate), which is lower than ideal, though I think that may be more genetic than related to my current lack of conditioning due to four years of One Damn Injury After Another.