Reviving a Time Capsule

I was given a 2 TB Time Capsule, Model A1409 (made from 2011 to 2013) by the ‘heirs’ of a gentleman who has passed away some eight years ago. How do I get into it, even to only make sure that it’s properly erased before it meets its maker or find a collector on eBay.

It shows up with the Airport Utility (on an older Mac running High Sierra) but there it asks for a password that nobody knows.

How can I reset it?

There’s a reset button on it…


@neil1 Thanks, I now found the tiny RESET button, barely visible. Interesting that Apple expects us to use the search term ‘Airport Utility’ and not ‘Time Capsule’. But for such old devices maybe not worth it anymore to criticise.

Great help and I’m off to my security delete now.