Reverting Mojave screen shot behavior

Mojave introduced the new screen shot behavior where you’re shown a thumbnail first and given editing options. In principle I would have liked that idea, especially if it would have also given me the option to set a file name rather than use the generic screen shot + time stamp before I save it. But since that’s not there, for most of my use Mojave’s behavior just results in extra clicks necessary. So is anybody aware of a setting to revert back to the old behavior where it just saves straight to Desktop or Downloads?

Funny, you should ask. Glenn Fleishman posted how to get to solve this yesterday on the Macworld site (

I seem to have become Glenn’s publicity agent :).

Saw yesterday the solution…Cmd-Shift-5 to get into the screenshot app and then set the pref to change back to the old way.

Thank you, folks. Shift-cmd-5 did the trick. :slight_smile: