Request desktop view in iOS 11.4.1

(John Burt) #1

In Safari on and iPhone with an older iOS, one could pull down on the address bar and request the desktop page. That seems to be gone. I much prefer the desktop pages on many sites I use.

Is there a way to get it back?

(Mark Williamson) #2

That function has moved to the Share menu (icon: box with upward pointing arrow). You might need to enable it.

Mark W from my iPhone

(John Burt) #3

Thank you!

(Gordon Meyer) #4

Another way is to touch-and-hold Reload. This is also how you temporarily bypass any content blockers you have installed.

(Simon) #5

Great tip. Never heard that before. Thanks! :slight_smile:

(frederico) #6

When I learned about this a year or so ago, it was one of those ‘holy fsck’ moments that make you both gleeful and furious. Discoverability on iOS is a massive game of tap, press, press harder and press longer, with zero consistency, even across Apple apps.

(frederico) #7

Sorry for reviving a dead thread; Discourse suggested I’d enjoy it as though it were new.