Replacement for PhotoStyler app?

I am looking for a replacement for the PhotoStyler app from Neatberry. It was one of my favorites. It is standalone software - not a plugin - and right out of the box it has hundreds of photo effects (Postcard, Vintage, Grunge etc.) that were produced by simply dragging and dropping an image over the main window. Those presets in turn could be tweaked to the users liking.

It ran great up thru Yosemite, but does not work very well in Mojave ( I never ran any of the other Mac OS versions between these two). When I first went to Mojave in 2019 I contacted the developer who said he was probably not going to be updating the app which sadly appears to be the case.

I’m in the process of upgrading to Monterey and would love to find a replacement but my searches have not turned up anything.

Once fully on Monterey I will no longer be running Adobe software (I’ll be using Affinity apps), but a plug-in for Photoshop might be a possibility as Affinity Photo does have the capability to add Photoshop plug-ins - I just haven’t found one like PhotoStyler.