Replacement for Classic Menu?

With the march towards 64-bit applications only, I will have to give up Classic Menu, which I much prefer to the Dock or any launcher. As in OS 9, Classic Menu places my choice of programs, folders and files under the Apple () menu. The developers have stopped development, so I’m looking for an alternative that does the same thing. (I don’t want a launcher.)
The contents of the modern Apple menu are encoded in a .xib file that can be edited to remove certain items (e.g. Shut Down). So it should be possible to modify it to include a single folder alias. That’s all I need, as the alias can then point to my existing hierarchical folder structure, and would appear as a line in the modern Apple menu list.
Is anyone willing to write a hack for me (for money!) that will do this? I will share it with anyone who wants it.

I too used to prefer using the Apple Menu with aliases to the apps and folders I use the most. Now I do the same thing with a few folders with custom icons in the dock.

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Yes – the first thing I did in OS X 10.0 was put the Dock on the left, where it has stayed ever since.

Not the same as the OS 9 Apple Menu, of course, but it felt more familiar.

Later I made use of LaunchBar and Spotlight.


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Thank you for these suggestions. I can keep them as Plan B.

Yeah, it’s funny how for years i tried to make OS X more like Classic, but after a while I came round to doing things more ‘natively’. I, too, now find a couple of folders in an auto-hiding dock a great way to access things frequently. And most things I launch through Spotlight.

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