Repeated "wants access to control 'Mail'" message

Since installing Mojave, I repeatedly get this message:

Clicking OK (or “Don’t Allow”) causes the dialog to go away, but it comes back again later. “disinreadifier” is a small AppleScript that runs periodically in the background (launched by LaunchAgent) and performs some housekeeping in Mail.

No matter how many times I’ve clicked OK, the dialog comes back the next time disinreadifier runs. I’ve even gone into the Security and Privacy preference pane, verified that disinreadifier has permission to control mail. I have tried unchecking and checking it. I’ve done restarts. I’ve performed searches looking for answers online. I have even given disinreadifier Full Disk Access, though it shouldn’t need it. (“Try giving it full disk access” seems to be Mojave’s “have you tried rebuilding the desktop”.)


I’m stumped. Any ideas?



I’m going to offer the “Have you tried repairing permissions?” answer, but in a serious vein; I had a persnickety action issue that went away when I just said fsck it and rebuilt the action from scratch, and also gave the action System, Root and Admin Ownership. I was too sick of fooling with it to reverse-engineer what actually fixed it.

I am so desperately hoping most of this crap gets resolved by the June WWDC conference; I’ve got a slew of machines whose owners want badly to be on Mojave, but we are so laden with custom apps, applets, scripts and actions, I fear it would be disastrous, based on my limited testing thus far.

Please update this thread with your progress (or lack thereof); I might have some more ideas when I’m not aching for dinner.

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Brilliant! All I had to do was give (the application bundle) and the script itself (deep in the bundle) group (“staff”) write privileges, and the error went away. Thanks!


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And thank you for narrowing down what is required in future; now we don’t have to fruitlessly “run Repair Permissions” when a simple access control is all that is required.

Well, it seems I spoke too soon. The frequency of the messages went way down, but I’m still getting one or two a day (the script runs every three hours) so there is still some work to do.