Remembering DiskDoubler and RAM Doubler

I did a search in TidBITS and then used extra terms (names of people associated with it) to focus a Google search. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Adam. It was kind of obvious after you explained it, but not before. I learned something, and maybe I’ll retain it.

That’s the sort of search technique that you start to figure out after years of practice (or someone telling you). Google fu, if you will. :slight_smile:

And the learning continues. I think I now know what fu means.

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That would be a pretty good definition.

It’s derived from the Chinese phrase, kung fu, which has a few meanings, the most popular of which is the name of a martial art. Another meaning is “skill, art, workmanship”.

So someone having a particular skill (e.g. using Google) might be said to have that skill’s “kung fu” (e.g. “Google kung fu”). This has been colloquially shortened to just “fu” (e.g. “Google fu”), even thought that phrase is incorrect Chinese.

(“fu” has a completely different meaning from “kung fu”)

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