Recovering a modified Note

Does anyone know how to recover the text of a modified note?

This is coming from my daughter who was editing a note on her phone and deleted too much before she noticed she did it. She was syncing to Notes on Mac through ICloud, but that was also changed. She uses time machine and has BackBlaze, but not sure where to locate this kind of deeper information, since it is not a text in a folder she can navigate to.

What version of OS X is her TM on? As far as HS perhaps (not quite sure there though) Notes were just files stuffed away somewhere deep in ~/Library. If she’s on an older version of OS X that should let her access the previous version of the note with TM. I’m on Mojave myself and I know Notes are no longer individual files here.

Found this on macobserver.com

Basically you go into Time Machine to ~/Library/Group Containers and restore the folder from before the mess up…but that will obviously write over any new/changed notes since the last sync/Time Machine backup…so using Notes Exporter or something similar to backup up Notes on the Mac before doing the restore would be a good idea.

I haven’t tried this…but macobserver is a pretty reliable/reputable site.

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