Recover iTunes collection on JBOD RAID?

Hello All!

I’ve done an extremely stupid thing, by accidentally deleting my itunes collection that was/is on a JBOD RAID consisting of two 8 TB disks.

Can anyone please tell me how to go about resurrecting this deleted collection?

Haven’t had any success when using Disk Utility, in OS 10.14.6. Despite checking Apple’s community forums/pages, I can’t say I’ve found any relevant info other than a simple reply to a similar user questioning user who was told it’s effectively ‘impossible.’

… please, tell me how to resurrect this collection!

Feeling pretty silly for this simple oversight/error of mine, in the first place.

Bill Taylor

If… you haven’t written to the drive since, and if you had the library on one of your two disks, and if you have sufficient clear space on the other disk… You might be able to use a utility like Data Rescue to recover from one of the drives to the other.