Recommended PDF file editor?

I received a PDF file with a diagram and I’d like to edit the text inside of and resize one of the curved-edge boxes in the diagram. Is there an editor people can recommend for doing this?


Sounds like it might have been created with Omnigraffle, or similar, and exported as a PDF. You might need to obtain the source file.
Otherwise you might be able to use Preview’s (very basic) Annotation functions to overlay a new box and text over the old one. But the quality will not be good.

The quality does need to be good. I have the original source file, but it’s .vsdx file created with something call Visio on a Windows machine.

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Hey Doug,

Since you have the original file, have a look at It can open and then allow you to edit, the drawing.



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Lucidchart is another online VSDX (MS Visio) editor that might be worth a look. The free version allows some limited editing of VSDX files.

PS. There is a web version of Microsoft Visio that costs $5/month, with a free 30 day trial. I find it a bit more complicated than most of the third party alternatives, but I’ve occasionally run into formatting issues when importing/exporting Vision documents with other tools. The paid/demo web version of Visio does allow exporting to PDF, so that might be an option if you run into formatting problems. Without a license, the web version of Visio works in read-only mode.

Interesting. I just tried it. The editing worked. I didn’t see how to export it as PDF, but I’ll look some more. It’s completely free with no signup?

Microsoft Visio itself won’t let me sign up. It says my email address is not eligible and I should sign up with my work email instead. I tried that too and it said the same thing. Hmm…

I also tried Edit visio online free which looks like a copy of

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Regardless, I did see an Export to PDF command, it’s not where I normally look under PRINT.

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I did find the export to PDF. But my 3 page visio, which looks great online, turns into 7 pages in the exported PDF!


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