Recommendations for computer speakers

Adam, I just got curious about the FX621s you may be replacing. I see their advertised frequency response was 31-18,000Hz, which is pretty impressive at the low end (and at a certain age we don’t hear much above 18,000Hz anyway). The manual, however, adds “(-10dB).” Yikes. That is not impressive, and makes me wonder what’s going on in between.

As you do your research, look for a specification of the speakers’ flat frequency response: the range of frequencies that vary only +/-3dB from zero. Some companies, like Genelec (see my post above), publish them; some, like Bose (ditto), don’t want you to know. You want to know.

Wow. A lot to digest here. I have an HK Onyx Studio 4, which worked brilliantly with my old iMac, my iPhone and iPad. Now that I have the new iMac, it won’t connect to the speaker. Worse, in trying to get it to work, I’ve knocked out the connections to my iPhone and iPad, and have to start all over. Right now I’m not real happy because I miss my music.

I’ve a set of 2.1 (two speakers + sub) that I’ve had forever. Someone told me I have “the unicorn” of computer speakers. Its a Monsoon MH500 with planar flat panel speakers and powered sub. And its been working well since I got the set in the year 2000! I paid $60 for the set, and now, find the only issue is the remote-corded volume is oxidizing inside and creates static as you raise/lower the volume (worn potentiometer I would guess).
I think if I had to replace this when the external power brick fails (common death of this wonderful sounding setup), I might look for another power supply, since crossovers don’t fail, nor speakers unless over driven. The controller in yours likely has some component failing and as you, not an EE to open up and start running 'scope on components without schematic or previous repair expertise with the Altec.

That said, Klipsch has a 2.1 THX setup, as well as Logitech has some inexpensive but nice sounding products Z533 and Z333.

Now, this is just a fantasy suggestion, but there are some folks with healthy ears, great musical taste and “price is no option” wallets that Cambridge Audio has some speakers, a subwoofer, and separate amplifier w/DAC that would still be less than a fully loaded new iMac yet sound amazing!

See if you can fix this with contact cleaner.

Unplug the device, spray some cleaner in the potentiometer (hopefully you won’t have to disassemble much to get access to a place where you can spray it inside), then rotate the knob a bit to work the cleaner in. Then let it sit a bit for any remaining cleaner to evaporate.

Great options! I wish I could find an affordable battery 5.1 system with BT.


Thanks. I forgot I had can of DeOxit. But sadly, on opening up the Volume/Mute wire control, the plastic inside for the Mute button, fell apart from fatigue/age. The good news is, I sprayed DeOxit on the pot, worked the volume back and forth, managed to get it re-assembled sans some plastic bits (If I had time and a 3D printer, could make replacement) and no more static on the Volume. :grinning: :+1:

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I like Audio Engine and Vanatoo speakers a lot for desk listening situations…… But I don’t think they’re offerings are ideal for your situation. And the cost is up there.

So…. I’ve been really impressed by the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX speakers that couple times I’ve heard them. And they are a tremendous value. Their sound leans towards a brighter character, but consider that you have the speakers aimed away from you and reflecting off the walls they woud probably be ideal.

You’ve probably already made a purchase, but if you have not (or for anyone else who might be searching for great computer speakers), I highly recommend the Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II.

They are just a 2.0 set, but unless you really want to have a thumping bass, they will elevate just about any style of music. They are not small speakers (though smaller than my bookshelf set) they are wider and deeper than your Altecs, but a bit shorter. They have two audio inputs, and the controls are conveniently on the right speaker (power/volume, bass and treble). Creative used nice, high quality knobs - there’s no static and the sound doesn’t cut out (at least at any level I’ve tried - and they can get plenty loud!) which is something I really appreciate after owning a pair of the Klipsch ProMedia 2.0 speakers - which had amazing sound quality, but awful shoddy components - I suffered through years of wonky volume adjustment with static galore and the left speaker cutting out unless the volume was adjusted just so… when they worked they were amazing, but after 12 years I decided it was time
for an upgrade.

The T40 has been a great replacement - and they usually are in the $99-109 range, so I think they make an amazing value for the sound they produce. I’ve heard that some people prefer the slightly smaller T20, which lacks one of the midrange drivers that the T40 has. I would imagine either set would make for great workstation listening.

Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II

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