Recipe Programs

So, back in the dark ages (mid 1980s) I was promoted (some would say, above my station) to a job where all required information was stored in (multiple) ledger books. I wanted to prove myself and one way that came to mind right away was to upgrade the department to using a database. Lacking any real funding I decided to teach myself to program in dBase. Rather than start using real world data from my job (the communications network for a major US Bank) I decided to start small and work with my card file of about 100 recipes.

It worked. I was able to find every appearance of Main_Ingredient =“Chicken” AND Cuisine = “French” and i was off to the races. Once that was done a timely rush job for the Bank enabled me to bring 500 new users onto my new system. The Bank was so impressed with how well it worked that we got paid to convert the ledger books to digital.

Fat forward 25 years and I moved from Windows to Mac and needed a way to house my recipes on my new computer. I eventually switched to Macgourmet and I’ve been very happy - till the last year.

I had bought versions of the software for the Mac, the iPad and the iPhone. It worked seamlessly. I could go out shopping, find something that looked good, look up a recipe on the iPhone, buy what I needed and come home and cook using my iPad in the kitchen. The Mac version stored the master list.

In the past year:

  • The iPad version stopped functioning
  • The iPhone version syncs only some of the recipes
  • The “Import recipes from the web” function on the Mac is flaky at best.

Customer service has been saying since February that they’re working on everything but I still haven’t seen one thing to make me believe that they might actually do anything.

Does anyone know of a good recipe program for the Mac/iPad/iPhone - one that will import all my (600+) recipes?



Paprika will import from MacGourmet. I reviewed it five years ago, and I still use it every day (mostly on iPhone).

Yeah, I use Paprika as well, and I really like the way it can import recipes from Web sites. One particularly welcome feature is that Tonya and Tristan and I can all share the same copy via Family Sharing, and we can then sync all our family recipes between the three of us. It’s a big win for Tristan now that he’s in his own apartment, cooking for himself much of the time.

One tip: I tend to enter recipes using dictation when they come from cookbooks or are scrawled on pieces of paper in a binder, and that’s faster than typing.

Have used and gifted Paprika Mac and iOS for years and love it. Slowly my Collect-everything-in-a-folder wife is telling me “if you like the recipe, Parika it”.

So much easier for grocery lists (though I still use ShopShop for that other times), but to scale a recipe - priceless.

Wow. I’d missed the original review by Josh, so I’m thrilled to see this question and reply. Perhaps I can stop doing the copy, paste into plain text doc, fix things that don’t copy well, convert to RTF, and finally print–and then print again when I lose the piece of paper. Hundreds of trees will be saved with this program on my iPad and iPhone. :wink: :roll_eyes: :rofl:

So glad you asked, @silvermn .

Thanks, everyone! I’ll give Paprika a look!

An update…

I purchased both the Mac and IOS versions of Paprika and it’s excellent!

It imported all 620 recipes (!) from MAcgourmet almost immediately and with very minor difficulty (a couple of fields didn’t come over).

It appears to be an excellent program. That works! (Which is more than what I had with Macgourmet.

Thanks to all!