Recently installed iPhone apps list

When I update apps on my phone, the ones I’ve just done go to a section on the bottom. I think if I do some within a few days of each other, they may even show in different sections.

My question is, how can I see a list of what I installed when? The list seems to disappear at some point.

I have a feeling one of the apps I updated a few weeks ago is causing my battery drain, but I can’t remember everything I updated. I deleted Garmin Connect but that was not it.

Otherwise I’m going to have to start uninstalling the ones that use location services, like the weather apps, to see if that narrows it down.


Since I still use iTunes on my iMac, I have all my apps visible there, complete with Release Date, Purchase Date, Date Added, and Modified Date. If you are using a Mac running High Sierra or lower, then you can install iTunes

Hi Dennis,

I think that would be backwards for me? I am using 12.8.x. I’m not sure I thought if I plugged the phone into an older version it would complain?

Is the modified date the date you updated it, or the date the developer modified it?

It was an inadvertent upgrade at some point in the past couple of years, I had always meant to stay on the one where I could move the apps around and such.

If I am able to see the phone on the older version, will I be able to somehow backdate my current ITL file?


Yes, by simply trashing it before launching iTunes. It will recreate it in the proper format for v12.6.

Of course! I’d lose all my stats on the songs but I’d be able to see - and arrange - my apps.

I scrolled through my list last night on the phone, and can see the install dates back to early November. I swear that wasn’t there when I updated a couple the other night. I expect they’ll fall away at some point, so I took screen shots.

The battery of course is doing much better. I had unplugged the phone around 3pm yesterday and this morning it was around 70%, which is a far cry from 7am-3pm Sunday where it dropped to 70% just sitting there, and under 30% by bedtime. It will be interesting to see how it does today.

The tech of course told me I should just get a new phone, and insisted the 8 was not that much bigger, when the SE is already stretching the limit of some of my bike jerseys :roll_eyes:


Hi, Diane
The Modified Date is the date I downloaded the latest version into iTunes.

As for the iPhone, I have an iPhone 10 running the last version of iOS 12 since I refuse to install buggy iOS 13. If you have an iPhone 11, then it may require a newer version of iTunes.

I just checked my iTunes Library.itl file and it shows it was modified today, Nov 26, 2019 at 7:08 MST or 5 minutes ago so I think that is an internal iTunes setting. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can answer your question.

I hope this helps you at least a little.


Ugh. I know what you mean. I hate comments like that. How the hell would you know what I consider too big? What they should have said is simply that they’re clueless as to how to solve your problem so instead they’re going to take a cheap shot at trying to push another sale.

I have an SE running the latest version of iOS 12.

I still need to research how updating to iOS 13 will impact Sierra - though if it’s still as buggy as you say, I’m out for now.

My SO has an XR and I’ve told him to hold off as well. (all for another topic some day)

Yes, it does help - thanks Dennis!


hahaha!!! I know! He was a big guy so I’d say what seems big to me would be small to him. We walked over to the 8’s, while the case was off mine, and I put mine on the 8 - hell yeah it’s bigger, then add a case to it.

I know I’ll have no choice at some point, but considering rumors of a new phone come spring, I’m holding off.

I was happily surprised that they had no objection to replacing the battery, even though I did have to pay for it. Last year I had to go 2-3 times to get them to actually do the work, but maybe it was because they were offering the $29 deal and wouldn’t do it for just anything. I paid $49 yesterday.


Shifting to your goal of finding what app is draining your battery, you might have more luck going to Battery in Settings which will sort your apps based on which is using the most battery.