Reboot erases (some) MS Word preferences

macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Apology for posting about a non-Mac issue, but I couldn’t find an answer elsewhere.

After a reboot, Track Changes preferences (e.g., insertion/deletion/comments colors and format, balloon width) are reverted to default. As an editor, I live by TC, and it is annoying to frequently reset the TC prefs. Also, a Word macro that changes default zoom on opening doesn’t run after reboot. I haven’t noticed any other pref problem.

The issue occurs only after rebooting. Quitting and re-opening Word does not result in lost TC prefs. The problem did not begin with any OS 10.15 update. It began immediately after I (foolishly) updated Word to ver. 16.61.

I realize that it is (usually) not necessary to reboot but rarely. Still, I have a reason, and, regardless, the prefs shouldn’t revert.

Any feedback gratefully accepted.
Many thanks.