Reasonable iPhone purchase for teens

I am in need of some help. Our twin grandchildren are in need of new phones - theirs are wearing out. They are just going on 15 and in shutdown here in the Raleigh area so their phones are so important to their social outreach.

I’m trying to figure out what iPhones would be the best and financially the most reasonable for them. Having not followed the iPhone market (we purchased two iPhone 11s about 6 months ago) I have no idea of what is a good deal.

Would really appreciate your suggestions - their old phones (Samsungs I think) have reached the limit - read our daughter and her husband have reached the limit lol groan. Many thanks.

My initial feeling is that the iPhone SE makes a lot of sense. Quite modern and inexpensive. And Touch ID, which is better when wearing face masks.

I agree with Adam. And because teenagers tend to drop things, it’s a good idea to add Apple Care+ as well.

I’ll second Adam’s suggestions of the iPhone SE. It’s arguably the best value in the entire smartphone market.

Yes, this is (arguably) the easiest time ever to answer this question, because the current SE is so good.

The answer is the iPhone SE.

I just read in some rumor sites about some very interesting potential news to think about. Apple is getting ready to release the new 12 series of iPhones, which is rumored to feature a new iPhone “Mini.” It is reputed to feature 5G, and have a better camera. It’s also expected to be slightly bigger.

My guess is that it will probably cost more than the SE. If it is outside your price range, there is a descent chance that Apple might knock something off the price of the SE, even though it was just released this past spring. So if the grandkids can wait a little bit for the new iPhone announcement, they will have a nice holiday gift either way.

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Another vote for the SE. Although rumors says one model of the 12 series will be a smaller device, it will not be radically smaller than the current SE (IOW nothing like the 2016 SE) and it will certainly be much more expensive. Right now the SE presents awesome value.

Thank you all for your great advice. We will be going with at least one SE (our granddaughter wants an iPhone, not sure if our grandson has been “converted” yet but we are trying!). I very much appreciate the clarity and wisdom of your guidance - and our daughter and son-in-law are also very grateful as they are looking forward to their kids safely socializing once again!

Might be worth asking them too.

Most teenagers want to be consulted on what they want (within acceptable budgets of course), and/or may offer to add their own saved up funds to get the one really wanted – eg. many teens like big screen devices too.

In any case, it makes sense to may as well at least wait until the 12-series are announced, then pounce just after when both the current (11 series) & new (12 series) will still be options.

@jimthing Our granddaughter specifically asked for an iPhone for her birthday - she has learned well from her grandparents lol.

Because it is a birthday present, and her current phone is dying quickly, time is too short to wait. They are on lockdown due to the virus and the phone is pretty critical to a teen for social connection!

Thanks for the suggestion though.

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Sure thing, understood.

As the 12-series is 99% likely to be due within just 14-21 days, so I thought it might be poignant to mention. :slightly_smiling_face: