Re: [TidBITS Talk] iTunes (Version Restore dimmed

"Why in the world would Apple be so secretive or cryptic about what software needs to be installed or updated? Grrrrr!

Adam says NO WHINING when it comes to Apple. If you have any criticisms of Apple, please go to or write to Tim Cook directly.

TidBITS must remain a positive place where we help each other solve problems. If we users have the ability to solve the problem or are sharing workarounds or product news, then this is the place.

But if the problem is Apple should listen better or do somethings differently, that constitutes whining and is not permitted. It is outside our power to get Apple to change. Adam is right, it is a waste of energy and screen space.

Don’t worry, be happy. Remain positive. As guests to the Jerry Springer show used to say: “It’s all good, Jerry"

The solution can never be that Apple should do things differently. Oh, that may be true, but you cannot say so here.

There are plenty of stories about Apple’s actions that have had negative impacts on users, but this is not the place to air them.

You are wasting your time complaining, Adam will just delete the posts. It is his board and therefore we must play by his rules.

No whining . . .

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