Rain forecast – does Ventura's Weather stink compared to iOS 16's?

So on iOS I’ve grown quite fond of being able to tap on the hourly or daily forecast and then use the resulting popup to see hourly rainfall forecast for a certain day.

But on Ventura, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do that. In iOS there’s a little selector at the top RHS in that popup that allows choosing precipitation form among several things that can be plotted hourly. In Ventura’s Weather I just cannot find that selector and so whatever I do, it looks like I’m stuck with just a chart of temperature vs. hour. Right click doesn’t reveal anything either and I can’t see any menu options.

Is it just me? Am I missing where to select precipitation? Or is that actually missing in Ventura’s Weather? I thought I remembered reading something about common code base… :confused:

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Down the window, there is a square labeled Precipitation (not the one with the map) that you can click on to get what you’re looking for.

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On mine, it’s a large rounded-corner button labeled RAINFALL, not precipitation. Row 3, Column 4. (There is no need for it to be that different from the iOS version, Apple.)