RAID software?

Hello TidBITS members; hope one of you may have an answer for me. Thanks in advance for you effort or answer.
I need software that can configure a RAID unit I have.

  1. It’s an older (2009?) firewire 800 LaCie 4BIG w/4 500GB drives.
  2. Disk Utility will configure 0, 1, and concat only; I would like to use RAID 3
  3. I’m currently using High Sierra on a late 2012 Mini.
  4. LaCie’s RAID Manager is not compatible with the older hardware according to LaCie.
    Thank you!
    Chuck Crawford

Have you looked at SoftRAID? I don’t know that it would work, but I’d ask them first.

Thanks Adam! I remember that name now that you mention it. I‘ll let the forum know what I find.
With warm regard,

So…Softraid is the answer, about all that‘s out there. However, the price starts at $80 and that version is limited to 0,1, 1+0. I‘m going to have to settle for RAID 1 configured by Disk Utility. Not a huge deal but with only 4 500GB drives I wanted to gain some space…3 would do that. Thanks again Adam!

Given that $80 could buy you a 4 TB drive, it sounds like keeping the current system going for free does indeed make the most sense.

Does DiskUtility still do RAID? I’m confused by contradictory statements on various websites.

It is on still available on my Catalina installation.

Thanks. I thought I read somewhere that Apple had removed that in El Cap.

Get in touch with They sell softraid which might do what you need.