Quirky TidBITS Issue Printing Problem Solved

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Prompted by a question from a reader about why images didn’t appear in printed copies of the TidBITS email issue, we look under the hood in WordPress to find the culprit.

There is another problem with pictures. Since a while the RSS feed doesn’t show the pictures anymore.

What you described seems very similar to what I see when I use “print to PDF” to save some web references to my hard disk in PDF format to keep them for projects I am working on.

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I have been experiencing this issue since late November. I find it affects just about everything I try to print as a PDF. It’s not just TidBits. It happens to me on laptop with Catalina, iMac on Monterey at work, and new M2 Air at home on Ventura. I find if I use a very old Safari Tech Preview for Catalina, it always produces the images correctly.

I’ve seen this for years in MacWorld, New York Times, Washington Post, etc., any long article I’ve wanted to save off and read when I’ve time.

It has fixed the issue of graphics in the Tidbits email newsletter as it appears on the Mail app on my laptops. Previously, for quite a while, only the first graphic would show after clicking the Load Content Directly button. I would have to click on each subsequent graphic to display that graphic in my browser.

Thank you!!

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I see pictures in my RSS feed. I use Reeder on an iPad with a NewsBlur account. I also see pictures when I use the NewsBlur web interface.

This article prompted memories of printing off emails to read later outside work in the early nineties. Devices were not so ubiquitous back then.

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Although this issue deals with printing TidBITS from the email (Adam, thanks for fixing it!), it’s worth mentioning a similar problem of printing web pages with images missing that we discussed earlier. The solution I found most helpful was to use Print Friendly, either the browser extension or copy/paste the troublesome web page’s URL into the Print Friendly web page for printing. Print Friendly provides the added benefit of allowing you to selectively delete elements on the page before printing. I have started using it for those web pages where Safari’s Reader can’t produce a satisfactory result.


Firefox has another option for printing to PDF: selecting the Reader View (the little icon at the right end of the box showing the web address) as described in Print simplified, clutter-free pages in Firefox | Firefox Help
and then printing that cleaned-up page as a PDF. It’s an excellent way to clean up messy pages, which had slipped my mind until @Nalarider mentioned Print Friendly.

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Yes, my thoughts too! It makes me wonder whether the scaling trick @lauri.reinhardt & @ace discovered might have solved @dredfearn’s printing issues in Safari too.

I just use Print Friendly now most of the time - it works fine and is easy to use.


I couildn’t get the pictures to show up in my mail programs, despite fussing with various settings. Now they appear. Whatever the cause, I’m glad to see images now instead of squares with a question mark.

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Do you mean the TidBITS feed? It certainly includes the images, so I’m not sure why they couldn’t be appearing. I see them in my full-text member feed.

I see them. Both in my web browser (Firefox, via the Want My RSS extension) and via Feedly (web-based RSS reader)

See also:

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