QuickTime 10 Follies

I just had one of the most bizarre of Apple/Mac experiences.
So, I accidentally shot a short clip of my pet in slo mo on my iPhone.

When noticing this in my photos cloud, I downloaded and proceeded
to attempt to edit the clip in Quicktime 10,
(My old QT Pro serial doesn’t work there)
which would not keep the edit when saving/exporting.

I then, after some online search, imported the un-modifed clip into the Mac Photos app. There I could edit the motion and click done, but when I simply dragged the clip over the edit was not saved. Exporting the clip did not retain the edit to normal speed.
Sohhh, I texted the edited clip in the Photos app to myself, and after numerous attempts to save the clip to my phone it was no where to be found on my phone.
Not in Photos, not in Files folder.
Sohhh, after a few attempts, I did rouse the send button in the Messages app.
And sent to my email.
Thennnn, finally with a successfully edited clip–because the Photos edit did not save the file icon-image for the clip
I had to take a screenshot of the movie clip, save the png to a jpg (to reduce the icon size) and then copy/paste the image onto the file in Get Info.

May I just say — SHEESH