Quicken category mistakenly deleted

Hello: In editing my categories I inadvertently deleted a couple of categories that I used through the years. I waited for a couple of years after I imported from quicken 2007. This happened because I was deleting the categories that I don’t use that are part of standard Quicken. Is there a way for me to RE ADD the category (I added that category back into quicken) that’s coming up as “uncategorized” to a BUNCH of transactions ALL at once? I have been having to go thru each transaction and manually adding back the deleted category, but it is tedious work. I would rather find all the transactions for that category, and ADD BACK the category to all transactions.
Can that be done in Quicken 17 or newer version?

Is this what you mean? https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7353432/how-to-bulk-change-the-category-for-a-group-of-transactions-quicken-mac-2017

Hi David: Thank you so much looks like the link is the answer. Will save me lots of time.

Wouldn’t your information be in your Time Machine folders?

Hi. Yes but all the work I had done I would need to redo. Imports from cc’s. Reconciling, etc. Thank goodness I have an old Mac with quicken 2007 that I could refer to. I have a new iMac

Thank you David. Worked beautifully.

Quicken is positive proof of the human mind’s ability to adapt to chaos.

I’m glad it solved your problem.

In my experience Quicken has always been easy to use and when I upgraded from 2007 I was very pleasantly surprised by this and other new features that make it even easier.