Quicken 6.10

Originally published at: Quicken 6.10 - TidBITS

Updated with new Dashboard cards in the Home tab and a streamlined Add Account workflow. ($35.99/51.99/77.99 annual subscription, free update, macOS 10.13+)

Poking around with this new version of Quicken – now up to 6.10.2 – I found that the Mac version of Quicken still appears unable to deal with with the difference between Fidelity Brokerage accounts designated for normal investments and my SEP-IRA. I have reached an age where I have to take minimum required distributions from the SEP-IRA each year, which I do by making charitable deductions direct from the SEP-IRA (which makes the whole amount donated deductible) and by transferring from the SEP-IRA into the regular investment account. Fidelity keeps track of this accurately. Quicken does not. I have designed the type of account as an SEP-IRA, it does not treat it as one. It lumps all transactions (other than charitable ones) in the same In particular, every time I change investments or in the SEP-IRA, the transactions are lumped under Investments as “realized gain/loss”. Dividends and capital gain from both my SEP-IRA and my regular investment account are lumped under “Investments” despite the fact that those from the SEP-IRA are not taxable and those in the regular account are. I can’t find where Quicken puts the money I transfer from the SEP-IRA to the regular investment account. The bottom line is that Quicken fails to distinguish between taxable and untaxable transactions.
I have searched Quicken’s help site, and found no answers. Does anybody know of a way to fix this?