Quicken 2018 5.6

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Provides performance and usability improvements for the financial management app. ($34.99/$49.99/$74.99 annual subscription, free update)

My copy o f Quicken 2018 does not show a 5.6 update. Looked online at Quicken.com and not there either? Was this note based on a pre-release version? Thanks.

I’m running 5.6 2018 Premier

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Version 5.6 of Quicken for Mac is still not listed on the release notes link. I received info on this release from MacUpdate (which has the download for 5.6 available), and it seems some folks have been able to get this version (based on some feedback on the Quicken forums). However, that feedback was not glowing, so perhaps Quicken has pulled it or delayed full access to it at this time.

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Thanks for the response. Maybe it is because I have deluxe & not premier.

No, I have Deluxe 5.6. It self updated last week while running High Sierra, but when I later tried to update in Sierra and El Capitan, it wasn’t available, so the idea that it was pulled due to issues makes sense.

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When I started using Quicken my computer was an Apple][e and Quicken’s offices were in downtown Palo Alto on University Ave. Up until Quicken became Intuit it was a pretty decent product. After that its support became absolutely abominable and its internal database often became corrupted with many bugs appearing in each new release until it seemly became abandoned and updates because almost non-existent. When the stripped down upgrade was released, it failed to meet my needs so I reluctantly abandoned it and switched to Moneydance. It was much more stable but lacked the great reports I was accustomed to. Unfortunately updates became scarce and support started suffering. The ‘showstopper’ was when Moneydance failed to provide a method for starting a new year along being unable to archive historical data. So once again I switched to Banktivity who has consistently provided updates and great tech support. Once learned I find it very powerful, has a stable database, and the ability to start a new year so I can archive historical data.

Given my history with Quicken, the fact that the current version has yet to match may of the features in Quicken 7, and its high cost when compared to its competitors, I have no interest in ‘giving it another chance’. However that said I still miss Quicken 7’s outstanding reporting ability.

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