Quicken 2007 quick reports in Quicken 2017

(Tori Hernandez) #1

Hello: I just began using Quicken 2017. I wanted a quick report of one payee or category within a specific period of time. How do I get that kind of report that I can print in Quicken 2017? The reports menu is very different and doesn’t resemble what I have used for so many years.

(David Tuma) #2

I do this with 2019 - I think it would be the same. I can’t remember for 2017

Go to reports - set up new report - Transaction

Then, when it comes up, Select customize

Then you can select the specific category, date range, etc.

David Tuma

(Tori Hernandez) #3

David, thank you so much. I will do. Tax time…