Quick feedback iOS and desktop (Safari)

(Thomas Ungricht) #1

does not work on iOS devices here (german AppStore)

when opening the Tidbits iOS App it produces an error-alert:

Failed to download latest
TidBITS feed

iPhone SE 2016, iPad Pro 10.5 2017, iOS 11.3, Tidbits App 2.2

In Safari everything looks very big. I´d prefer smaller headlines and more subtext.

kind regards


(Adam Engst) #2

As I noted in the initial article, the TidBITS News app is currently broken because the RSS feed format it relies on has changed, and either the feed needs to be refactored to look like the old one, or the app needs to learn how to parse the new feed. Matt Neuburg is in charge of the app, and if we can’t reformat the feed easily, it will be up to him as to whether it’s worth learning the new format.

As far as Safari on the iPhone goes, try switching into Reader mode, take the text size all the way down, and then tell me how many taps up you like it. I think it’s equivalent to about 3 taps up now. Since everyone’s eyes are different, I used Reader mode’s assumptions when determining what the mobile version should look like.

Of course, you can always use Reader mode on the site, but I understand that may not be ideal.

(Thomas Ungricht) #3

Thanks for the quick reaction, Adam!

I apologize for not noticing “…the TidBITS News app is currently broken because the RSS feed format it relies on has changed…”.

And I did not express myself well regarding Safari.

I meant, that on the Tidbits start-page where the articles are listed I would prefer smaller headlines and more lines of introductory text. But that´s a minor issue.

Over all I like the increased clarity and the new navigation.

(Charles Bjorgen) #4

As has been mentioned the IOS App seems broken but when I click on the upper left Tidbits logo on my iPad it takes me to the most recent entries. Seems that might be a simple fix.

I will continue to prefer the weekly emails but occasionally in the past have wanted to reference some previous articles. So far, it all seems pretty uncomplicated.

(Adam Engst) #5

Ah, good to know. I’m sure we’ll be tweaking things here and there as we go, and I’ll keep that in mind.

All our excerpts are hand-coded, so they’re intentionally short (it’s not just the first X words of the article).