Question: CCC Snapshots on hard drive backup destination

I just upgraded my CCC installation from version 5 to 6. It seems to be working great, but I have a question that I didn’t see answered on the CCC web site.

In version 5, it was recommended to NOT use APFS snapshots on a backup destination if that destination is a hard drive device. The KB article about snapshots for version 5 explicitly says:

The KB Article for snapshots for version 6 does not include this paragraph.

Does this mean CCC version 6 now supports/recommends snapshots on rotational HDD devices? My existing backup tasks (migrated from CCC 5) have snapshots disabled on the destination (which is a 4TB 7200 RPM Toshiba N300 hard drive in a USB 3 enclosure). Should I leave it this way or should I turn them on now?

If you have personal experience using CCC destination snapshots on mechanical hard drive destinations, what do you think? Does it impair performance? If it does, do you think it’s worth turning on anyway?

At the same time I asked my question here, I sent a question to the CCC support mailbox. Here’s the reply I received today:

So, it appears I should enable APFS snapshots when using CCC 6 (maybe 5 as well, but that’s moot for me at this point), even with a hard drive destination.