Question / Alert on Reader View in Safari

(Jerome King) #1

I have promoted the use of Reader View in Safari (I’m at version 12.1) for viewing web pages without the intrusion of advertisements. I even, for some web sites, set Safari Preferences so the site comes up in Reader view and I don’t have to use Command Shift R to invoke it.

However I have discovered that Reader View does not present some web pages with the full text. It often starts at the 2nd or later paragraph

For example, here are two screen shots from the Wall Street Journal

The first is before Reader View is activated. Note that the 3rd paragraph begins with “But many . .”

Here is the Reader View of that web page. The 1st two paragraphs are missing

I don’t know if this is a recent “improvement” but now do NOT automatically use Reader View


(Curtis Wilcox) #2

What Safari’s Reader View and its equivalents have a challenging task, to differentiate the essential content of any web page. Because sites use HTML code in wildly different ways and most fail to use semantic code well, if at all, Reader View is bound to make some mistakes.

I don’t know why it’s making this mistake on this particular article (" State Medicaid Tax Trap"), it’s leaving out the paragraphs that precede

but another opinion article published the following day (“Blue-State Politics Are Eroding Little Rhody’s Big Reforms”) has that div in roughly the same place but includes the paragraphs that precede it.
(Jerome King) #3

Thanks. It is not for every page. And not just the WSJ

I posted it to warn people that if they print or email a Reader View that information at the start may be missing.


(Diane D) #4

I have had instances where the text is cut off after a few paragraphs.

I use Reader View for the same reason you do - it’s the only way to read the internet these days.


(Jesse the K) #5

Another Reader View fan. Not only does it minimize distractions, I can set the font to a size I can comfortably read.

Other tools offer the same path, and share the same risks of not capturing all the text you want to read.

(Jerome King) #6

I was / am a promoter of Reader View. Wanted to warn people about the issue


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