Public address system using iOS devices

I am setting up a music system for a function in a few weeks (but no dancing allowed in NSW!). I have decided to use an old hifi hardwired to an iPad via an HDMI to toslink (optical) adapter - the ViewHD device - and an Apple HDMI adapter with power pass-through. It is working remarkably well with good sound quality.
I thought it would be useful to also use the system for speeches so I have been looking for a way to use an iPhone as a microphone and send the audio to the iPad via wifi or Bluetooth. My research discovered that Bluetooth is not advisable due to inherent delays.
I found an iOS app - Megaphone - that claims to do what I want via wifi but I have been unable to pair the iPhone and iPad according to the instructions (yes - I sometimes read them!). A check of the developer website hinted that some router setups prevent this pairing.
I will attempt to contact the developer for support but thought I would raise this topic on this forum to garner suggestions for other solutions. For example I suppose I could attach an old-fashioned microphone to the hifi and change its audio input from optical to RCA while speeches are taking place.