Problems compiling tax data from Quicken

I have encountered problems trying to compile financial data for tax purposes from Quicken Deluxe 6.11.2. I first noticed problems comparing Quicken reports of my 2022 income from individual clients with 1099s from the clients. One client had paid me through a subcontractor for one project, and I had to rename the Category to the subcontractor’s name on the 1099 so I could attribute all that income to the proper source. However, one of the payments would not show up on the Quicken comparison report I generated to compare 2021 and 2022 income. I must have spent an hour trying to get that payment to show up in the comparison, then stopped in frustration. I tried again later, but this time I started from scratch to format a new comparison report, and that report did find the missing entry.

Later I ran into similar problems finding a large single payment from another client, and that time, too, the only way to recover the lost entry was to regenerate the whole comparison report. Changing the single entry would not make that entry show up in the Quicken report; I had to generate a new whole new report.

I think what’s happening is that when Quicken compiles reports (or perhaps just certain types of reports) it packages all the data up at the time it compiles the report, and then does not change it if you change any of the individual records. That means you can’t correct a report if you discover any errors; you have to recompile the report. There may be rational reasons for that, but it’s frustrating when you have built up a report that you can’t correct without regenerating the report.

Has anybody else seen this? I found it disturbing because it was something I could easily miss if I had not been fussying around to compare 1099s with other income records from last year.

I know this isn’t the answer you are looking for, but for what it’s worth, I have used Quicken for my personal accounts since 1993, but in 1997 I switched to QuickBooks for my business, which I have never regretted.


I started with Quicken about 1993 and my business was simple enough it didn’t need the features of QuickBooks and I could use Quicken for both, and that hasn’t changed greatly. Quicken’s new way of setting up customized reports so they don’t change when I have to adjust categories affects both my home and business sides.