Problem with Parallels and Quicken 2007

I updated my Parallels and installed Mohave. I then copied over quicken 2007 as well as all the quicken files. I don’t want to get rid of quicken 2007 as I like it much better then quicken 2020.

The same files that quicken 2007 will open on the mac side will not open in quicken under parallels.

I’ve already tried exporting the data and bringing it into the version under parallels. The message I get when trying to open the files is that they are not mac files. Any ideas?

I assume you can open the Quicken app in the Parallels Mojave environment, but can’t open the data files there, correct? Try compressing your Quicken data file (to a .zip file) before moving it, and then uncompress it when you have it on the Mojave disk in Parallels. Then try opening it. This has solved a lot of transfer problems for me with Q2007.

I second the advice to compress the app first. In addition, use Spotlight to search for “Quicken” etc. and ensure that you’ve located all the additional files, then compress them also before ocpying them across.

I was thinking of just the data file, actually. If she can get Q2007 to start, it’s probably ok. (Just moving the app and the data file has been enough for me in the past. I’m confused though by the mention of multiple data files, unless there’s some kind of shared usage creating separate files.)

My hunch is that there are associated files that Quicken needs in order to open the data files; they might be Preferences, for example. So a Spotlight search on “Quicken” etc. will turn up any unexpected such files, which she can then transfer across.

Nope. Only one data file for Quicken apps through 2007. All the other needed files will be automatically deployed when the main app is launched.

Compressing the file worked. Thanks so much!!!