Private/secure browsing

Sorry to waste people’s time on this one. Somehow I have turned on private/secure browsing in Safari/Monterey. It is nice, but has turned my internet speed from 150 mbps, to around 2 mbps. I played with Safari preference, so now I am not automagically linking all webpages to secure, but right clicking a link I still only have the ‘open a new tab or window’ only as a private one. How do I get at least an option to open as a ‘normal’ webpage?

The preference that determines whether private or non-private windows and tabs are the default resides in the General tab of the Safari prefs, labeled as “Safari opens with.” When this is set to open a new private window (as seems to be your current status) a non-private window can be opened via File > New Window or command+n, substitute command+t for a non-private tab. Once the non-private window is active all links out to a new window or tab will also be non-private.

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see screen shot, its kind of hidden, no wonder I wasn’t seeing it at first.