Predictive folder filing in iOS Mail

Since the iOS 17 update, the system is not predicting when I go to file an email into its usual folder. Usually it will show the last used or commonly used folder associated with the sender, and it still does on the Mac. But in iOS Mail it just opens to the long list of sub folders under the email account. Is there a setting that got toggled in the update, or does this represent some machine learning that takes time?

I have iMac, iPad Pro and iPhone Pro.

I don’t normally process mail on my iPhone but do on iPad and iMac.

I usually process mail on the iPad and it is usually the first device that I update for iPadOS versions. For both 16 &17 I did not notice any problems with mail “Move Message” until after I updated the iPhone. The iMac seems unaffected.

For both iPadOS 16 & 17 I had to retain mail on the iPad. Bummer…

17.1 restored Move mail folder suggestions on my iPad.