Power Mac G5 space saver

Mac Pro space saver in Allston! The post title says “Mac Pro” but an intrepid commenter identified the back as a Power Mac G5. In the photo gallery, there’s a close-up in which you can see the video card has one DVI and one ADC video ports; the presence of ADC means it’s a 2003 or 2004 model, 2005-6 models were DVI only.

In some city neighborhoods with substantial snowfall, there’s a tradition of leaving something, a “space saver,” in a street parking space you’ve spent substantial time shoveling out. Cities typically don’t allow them but most people honor them, if not in the interest of community harmony, out of a self-interested desire to avoid automotive revenge by a deranged neighbor. Space savers are typically an old, lightweight chair, a crate, something easy to see but of little value. A 40+ lb. computer is an unusual choice.

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My cheese grater Mac still holds a position of honor on my desk.

Mine is relegated to a corner, but still gets run now and then. Besides, the snow here drifted high enough that it would have buried the cheese grater – although it’s too heavy to be blown over.:slight_smile: