Podcasts app crashing

Wondering if others experienced the Podcasts app crashes that I and others in the Apple support groups are talking about this morning (9 Dec 2019). I tried all of the usual (restart app, restart phone, clear all apps from memory and restart app, switch to a different podcast episode in case the one I was listening to was corrupted, offload the Podcast app and redownload it). Crashes kept occurring. Finally, I put the phone in airplane mode, and the crashes stopped.

I download podcasts manually, only over WiFi, and keep cellular data turned off for the app. The problem started when I was outside my home, but I reset my network WiFi to see if that made a difference.

Folks in the community discussions are reporting that the problem seems to have resolved itself (the few who spoke to Apple support said Apple reps suggested iCloud issues), but why would the app crash if I was listening to downloaded (not streamed) podcasts? It seems to suggest there is still interaction with iCloud even if I’ve got cellular for the app turned off?? (if indeed that turns out to have been the source of the problem).

You wonder if the app is expecting to be able to communicate with the source to keep your “bookmark” in place. I download my podcasts on Overcast, but also know it keeps my iPad and iPhone broadcasts in sync do I can move from one to the other. I agree you shouldn’t need the sync, but I would bet the app is expecting it.

Try it with the cellular data still on and see if the same problem happens.

The problem has since resolved itself. And yes, if the episode is downloaded to my phone, I don’t understand why iCloud issues (if that’s what caused the issues) would affect the app operation. I don’t know what callbacks are made to the cloud for either the app or the downloaded episode itself. If someone has pointers to info to help my understanding of the process, I’d be appreciative.