Podcast playlist

(John Burt) #1

With iOS 11, the ability to play podcasts from a playlist created on my Mac seems to have been lost.

I put all my unplayed podcasts in a playlist which I sort by release date with the oldest at the top. This way when am driving a long distance I don’t get the same podcast source twice in a row. And, I don’t have to stop to make a change.

I would like to get this ability back even if I have to buy an app. I’ve looked at the TidBITs reviews and others but this function has not been mentioned as I recall.

If someone knows how, please let me know.

(James R Cutler) #2

I use the Podcasts app to exactly the same thing.

The interface is quite confusing. Finding the earliest unplayed episode can be a challenge. It is very easy to unknowingly begin another episode.

I don’t remember the details of older iTunes and iOS, but I regret the changes that made it difficult for one to manage use of playlists.

(John Burt) #3

PodCruncher might do it (from the TidBITs 2012 article). Depends on whether it properly Auto-Downloads, adds them to the Downloads playlist, plays them properly, and deletes them after being played. If it does, it will better by far than my old method. It does seem pretty intuitive to use for me. More testing will be needed which will take a few weeks.

Price is now $3US.