Playing Songs via Siri — Changed?

(Dave Scocca) #1

I’ve recently noticed some odd/new behavior on my iPhone when I use Siri to play music. Previously, if I said “play (title)”, for a song title, it would start playing the song and then continue playing the album containing the song from that point.

Now, it plays the song and stops.

Is this a known change in iOS, or a setting that I somehow changed? Has anyone else seen this change?

Just for context: most recent version of iOS, running on an iPhone 7. The albums in question were imported from CD to iTunes, and the entire album is synced to the phone. So in all cases, the music is stored locally. I can play the album in its entirety without a problem — it’s just that playing a song no longer continues with the rest of the album.


(Diane D) #2

I don’t do this often, but in the past I thought it did just one song for me. I have tried to get it to play an album to no avail.

But a couple of weeks ago, I asked for a song, got the song and the album!

I don’t think I’ve been able to get to do it again - she’s actually pretty awful at playing off a single song for me. I’ve just tried it with a few songs and I’m just getting the single song.


(Tommy Weir) #3

I use Siri to play music all the time while driving. Works really well in my experience.
Play Led Zeppelin 2.
Play Bob Dylan’s most popular song.
Play Lil Mama by Jain
Play Music I like.

Loads more.

Try “I see a little silhouette of a man”

(@lbutlr) #4

My most frequent command to my HomePod is, “Hey Siri, play something”