Pioneer MPC-LX100 and TidBITS 264

I recently became aware of the Pioneer MPC-LX100, which seems like a crazy machine: an official Mac clone based on the Macintosh LC630 – a 68040 computer, not part of the PPC licensing programme.

Pioneer MPC, quand Pioneer vendait des Mac sous sa marque au Japon | Le journal du lapin

In trying to find out more information, there was unsurprisingly a link to an old TidBITS article:

That gives no real details on the MPC-LX100, but tantalisingly says …and the MPC-LX100 (68LC040/33 MHz) (see TidBITS-264). However, clicking the link to TidBITS 264 reveals nothing about Pioneer, let alone the MPC-LX100. Does anyone have an original copy of the email edition of TidBITS 264 (my archives don’t go back that far)? If so, is there any text regarding the MPC-LX100? It seems it was a wild-looking combination of hi-fi and Mac.

Pioneer MPC-LX100 at DuckDuckGo

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I’m pretty sure that TidBITS #264 reference is to this article in that issue:


Ah, of course, I was looking and searching for the wrong keyword. :person_facepalming: Sorry for not reading the issue page more carefully.

Pioneer was one of my clients when I worked in ad sales, and I liked working with them. What I find very interesting is that a Mac clone has turned up in the US; IIRC, Pioneer had a license to sell them only in Japan. If the sales went well there, they would have expanded into other markets. Then along came Steve Jobs…

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