Picking a Power Station for a MacBook Pro (And More)

@ace, please tell me your system sends racers’ results to them via fax.

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I don’t have one yet, but when I do I will. Most of the reports out there say to estimate by a factor of 3 the amount of quoted time to recharge fully.

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In terms of portable power banks I’ve been very happy with my Nitecore NB20000. It has enough to power up an MBPro 13 to 80% but I’ve never needed that. It’s rarely below 75% charge even after weeks of neglect.

One option that might be worth trying when you eventually look at moving to a new Mac is Crossover. I’ve not used it myself, but it lets you run Windows apps on the Mac without having to install and maintain Windows. There’s a free trial so you can see if your software works.

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Hah! No, we only put up with old tech when there’s no better way to do it. It isn’t the goal to exhume old technologies otherwise.

Interesting! I hadn’t thought about Crossover, and I’d be curious if it could handle all the external devices I plug in, but it’s certainly worth a try sometime.

I still have to test this, sorry, but I did use the TECKNET at last night’s track meet. It was entirely successful in the sense of the MacBook Pro lasting, but…

I chose to plug it into the 45-watt USB-C port and verified that it said Charging, but then I got caught up in everything else and didn’t check back. At the end of the meet, the TECKNET was down to 82% of its charge (from 100%), and the MacBook Pro was at about 25%. I found that a little troubling—the rate of discharge was slowed, but not hugely. You can see the relevant time in the battery usage graph below. I was surprised to see it using power in the middle of the night too, when it was closed and still in a bag.

I had brought the MacBook Pro’s charger, and next time I’ll try plugging that into the AC outlet to see what it does.